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The Market Forecasting Of China Medium And Large Tractors In 2013


Market Forecasting
According to China basic development trend in recent years and this year market enviroment, it’s expected that the market demand will present the following features in 2013:
Firstly, continue to maintain high operation, and the total demand is about 300000 sets;
Secondly, the growth may continue to decline, showing L type;
Thirdly, the demand will continue to extend in large tractors, and the gradient update market is still the main driving force of market;
Fourthly, the demand area will focus on the central plains and three north areas.

Forecast Analysis
Firstly, the continuous high operation in the years has made the market saturated, the market rigid demand become weak;
Secondly, the market demand structure in adjusting spontaneously , and gradually transfer to the large tractors, high-end products are becoming the demand focus, which will result to the total demand reduce;
Thirdly, China has basically realized farming mechanization, the demand space reduced;
Fourthly, the power demand decreases, the part demand of original relying on knapsack harvester will decline sharply, which will lose the power function;

Why not decline sharply?
Firstly, The market possession is huge, becoming the foundation of maintain large and medium tractors in high operation;
Secondly, the continuous gradient update provides the market demand power,
Thirdly, farm machinery subsidies continue to drive the market high operation.
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