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China Farm Machinery Import Varities Are Largely Different




From the analysis of China farm machinery import situation, in 2013, there are three series products import amounts have increased in China, among which include tillage and management machinery, harvesting machinery and garden and park machinery, the import quantitites are 7904 units, 6673 units and 8422 units, increasing by 2.56%, 7.49% and 41.62% respectively. And the import amount growth rates are 22.25%, 414.6% and 7.59% respectively, indicating that China tillage machinery import is mainly the large one, and the harvesting machinery, garden and park machinery tend to the small ones.

On the contrary, farm tractor, seeding and planting machinery, milking machine and farm vehicle have reduced by 11.5%, 10%, 6.5% and 72.6% respectively,. And the corresponding import amounts have reduced by 16.1%, 0.96%, 13.84% and 50.4%, from which we can see farm tractor, seeding and planting machinery’s single unit price is lower than last year, milking machine and farm vehicle’s single units price is higher than last year, showing that the two kinds of machinery import tend to large one obviously. Especially the large  milking machine’s unit price is three times more than last year, large-scale feature is very prominent. Thus inducate that milking machine, especially large milking machine is a weak in China farm machinery industry, is where China farm machinery enterprises’ blue ocean and business opportunities. With the improvement of China urban and rural residents’ living standards, animal husbandry industry will be China Government's support industry in the future, and at that time the closely linked milking machine demand is expected to further improve.


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