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Plough feed

We have four kinds of plough: Disc Plough,  Hydraulic Reversible Plow, Mould Board Plow and Drive Disc Plow. Each kind of plough has its own usage and advantages.

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1LY Series Disc Plough

1LY Series Disc Plough is good at cutting the grasses and straw and free from stopped by the grasses, soil or stones, etc. It is easy to adjust and strong and durable. 
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1LY(SX) Series Disc Plough

1LY(SX) series reversible disc plough is constructed to be level swing its suitable for plowing up the dry cultivated land the discs are rotating forward during work. 
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1LYX Series Disc Plough

1LYX Series Disc Plough is suitable for operation on the field with grasses, straw and stems of crops or plants, big soil resistance and with many stones and brickbat, etc. in the field. 
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Drive Disc Plow

The drive disc plow, which is mainly suitable for paddy field plowing, has the advantages of no weed winding, high operational quality and high working efficiency. 
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Hydraulic Reversible Plow

This series hydraulic reversible plow is designed and manufactured according to the national standard for the share plough used in the dry field in the North. 
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Mould Board Plow

Mould board plow, designed to match with four wheel tractor and is suitable for loam,or sandy loam soil in the cultivated area. 
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