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How to Choose a Tractor?


How to Choose a Tractor?

Help you to choose a right Unique Tractor

Getting a right tractor is important: it's an one worth investment and a easily last 10, or 20 years or more. Now Unique Tractor Team will help you through the process to choose a right tractor.

What is your application?

When you decide to buy a tractor, you need think through the specifics of what you'll need it do and the environment you'll be using it in. Some points to consider:

1. What kinds of surfaces will you using it on? Landscaped grass, loose gravel, muddy fields, pavement?

2. Will it be used mainly on flat ground, or hilly terrain?

3. What implements will you use? (More on choosing implements in Features)

4. Are there any limiting factors on the size or weight of the tractor? (Gates, garage doors, narrow paths, small bridges, and trailers.)

5. Do you need to drive it on open roads or over long distances?

6. Will the tractor be used day or night? In cold, hot, rainy, or all weather conditions?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help narrow your choices as you begin to talk to Unique tractor Team.

Which horsepower tractor do you need?

Horsepower is the most basic difference between tractor models: it dictates what work the tractor can perform, what types of attachments it can run, and, to a large degree, how much you'll pay.

Unique Tractor can provide Tractor from 18HP-180HP; you can narrow the horsepower range according to your utility.

Tractors with less than 35 HP make up the small end of the market. They're capable of handling most basic lawn work and small fields, but often can't provide enough power for more demanding jobs like tilling or heavy brush mowing.

Between 35 and 65 horsepower is a comfortable middle ground that features tractors with capabilities suited for ranchette communities, horse farms, nurseries, and many commercial uses.

18-35hp     ut404

Above 70 HP, you get into tractors designed for strenuous agricultural use, such as tilling fields and baling hay. The largest tractors for commercial farming feature 120 HP engines or larger.

ut904     ut1004   

There are problems associated with both overbuying and underpaying. Buy a tractor that's too small and you may not be able to complete the jobs you have in mind. Buy one that's too large, and you'll be wasting money, as well as increasing the turning radius, clearance requirements, and damage to the ground.


There are more features need to make into consideration. 

Wheel driving,


Enclosed cab,

Safety etc features


For more help, Please contact Unique Tractor Team.

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